On Monday 3rd September, Hackney council will start to implement the ULE streets zone affecting several roads in the Shoreditch area.

Tabernacle, Cowper St, Singer st, Paul St, Willow St, Ravey St, Blackall St, Charlotte Road and Rivington Street will become no go areas, Monday to Friday between the hours of 7-10am and 4-7pm for many of us who still drive a diesel taxi, including myself.

So how did this happen? Well, Hackney council put out a public consultation an the start of the year to residents/businesses in the area and 56% decided they wanted the scheme to happen. (40% were against) Of course, those that voted have no idea how it affects the cab trade, why should they, they don’t drive a cab, but yet again our livelihoods are affected by a decision not in our hands. Shoreditch is becoming a popular area for businesses, hotels, restaurants. It’s funded by GULUS grant from the London mayor and partly administered by TFL

Again local planners and politicians seem to be unable to give the taxi trade time to adjust. After all, we have only had an electric vehicle available to us since the start of the year. UCG has written to Hackney council to express our concern at the trade not being given some leeway over this, if nothing else we should at least be allowed to pick up(lot of accounts on app around there), set down in the area. We will inform of any reply.

I did notice while looking at the Hackney Council website, they supply something called a Zencard, which gives you a % zero admissions PH supplied by Green tomato cars. Hmmmm…





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