The cab trade is famed for it’s generosity. From Poppy cabs to taking kids to the seaside, it’s a way that we like to give back to our great city.

Our cab shelter proprietors are no different. Most of you know the lovely Kate, who run’s the cab shelter in Russell square and also know what a kind generous lady she is. Always doing a charity day which gives and also promotes our trade.

This year its an easy one. From this Friday you’ll see Kate collecting on the ranks to raise money for our named charities. They are LTCFC, Magical Taxi Tour, East London Cabbies Outing, The Cabmen’s Shelter fund, Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, The Albany Taxi Charity, The Taxi warm Clothing Charity.

The aim is for each driver to put £1 in the bucket and if we all do so, we will raise a lot of dosh. You will find these buckets at all the Cab Shelters and also other cabbie eateries like Sapori and Astral cafe.

Please support our great causes.





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