In these days of busy, busy traffic both vehicular and pedestrian, it is sometimes hard to read signage relating to restrictions as to where you can drive through or stop. At UCG HQ the majority of phone calls we get are for PCNs, so here are a few reminders ;-


It is a council’s discretion whether they issue tickets for a bank holiday date and in these days of cash strapped councils you are probably going to hear of this more and more, so be wary if you use a road with restrictions on say MayDay bank holiday, read the signage if after the hours of restriction it reads “except bank holidays” or similar then you’re fine. Remember Easter Saturday is a normal working day and so is New Year’s Eve.


London Taxi’s are allowed to stop on red routes for as long as it takes to pick up or alight passengers. If you wait on a red route, for say someone to use a cash dispenser you are taking a chance. Better to tell the passenger you can not wait in the area and let the fare go rather then risk a £65 fine…..the fare probably won’t come to that much!!  Also sometimes you get a tourist with a hand up, then you notice they are standing right on top of a zigzig (obviously they don’t know you can’t stop there) just usher them along to safe place to stop. Camera’s everywhere.


It doesn’t hurt to appeal. If you think you have good grounds of appeal fire off an email and challenge, if not, pay the ticket within the time limit before you get an increased penalty.

With the new speed limits coming in to affect next week, take care out there. Remember, it’s your licence not the passengers, so if someone points out they are going to be late, don’t get pressured into a fine and points on you’re licence. Take care out there. Don’t give them your hard earned money through a pointless fine. That’s what the aim is at the end of the day.







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