I had only been out about three days when a fellow cabbie let me out of Whitefriars street onto Fleet St. A few yards up the road two gentlemen climbed in my cab for St James’.  When I got to the lights at Fetter Lane, a load of abuse came my way (from  a lady cabbie too) and rightly so. She was of course in the right and I was in the wrong, but I didn’t know any better. Nobody passed on any advice, I was the first one out of my KOL pals to pass out.

So below if you’re a newbie here’s a few do’s and dont’s (any I’ve missed people can add on comments). The most important part of our game is the trust we have to have in one another, remember we are all in the same boat

  1. Never undertake/overtake a fellow cabbie with their light on, if you are also plying.
  2. Do not pick up within a short distance of a rank if there are cabs waiting there (nowhere within 50 yards, someone told me once)
  3. If another cabbie with their light on, let’s you out of a turning or into a lane and there is a hail further down the road it’s their fare.
  4. Never broom a job from a rank. It’s rude to the customer and to your fellow driver sitting behind. (If your CC machine isn’t working, or you’ve got an appointment and can’t do the fare)  then pull off
  5. Feeder ranks like CXR are separate ranks. So if someone approaches you at point its your job.
  6. Keep to the inside when  your light is on
  7. If you are dropping off, check you mirrors. If a cab is coming up with their light on, let them pass.
  8. If you see a cabbie in trouble (Lisson Grove mob etc) try and lend a hand. They are very brave against one cabbie, up against 5 or 6 probably not as much
  9. Only post work related or traffic messages on UCGup. Anything else goes on your personal Twitter
  10. It’s everyones duty to try and get @SW7_Cab Dave to buy a tea. This mission will be accomplished !!!


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