When you arrive in London as a tourist for a holiday or a city break, often a trip in a London Taxi is part of the experience, not only because of the history of our great trade but because its often the best way to get from A to B.  When you travel in a London cab, you are experiencing the best taxi service in the WORLD.

Your driver has passed the Knowledge of London and knows the quickest way for route. Fare’s are metered and up to 5/6 people can travel in a cab for the one fare, most times making it cheaper than public transport. Fare prices can be affected by traffic but hopefully your driver should find a way around this. To hail a cab, just stick your hand in the air when you see a cab with the orange light on. There are also various ranks around the city, especially outside major venues, hotels, theaters etc

DO NOT listen to hotel doorman, when they quote a fare for a black cab.  Some will tell you that it costs £150-£200 to travel from central London to Heathrow airport. This is untrue. It will cost, on average, £60 to £80.  Stansted, Gatwick, Luton, please ask your driver for the cost or quote. Remember 5 to 6 people can travel by cab so it can work out good value, no hassle with your luggage and door to terminal.

DO NOT use rickshaws when in London. They over charge tourists. Google rickshaw overcharging for the evidence. They may seem like fun but are unlicensed and unregulated, uninsured. If you are in an accident you probably wont be covered by your travel insurance either.

DON’T FORGET when you are here, visit London’s Royal parks, try a London walking tour on many subjects, ranging, from Dickens to the Beatles, London Roman History and Harry Potter. Most museums and galleries are free. Shop on the two greatest shopping streets in the world, Oxford and Regent Streets, don’t forget markets, such as, Brick lane, Portobello and Spitalfields.  Try the London eye and Sky Garden for fantastic views of the city.

London is generally a very safe city but there is no safer travel then London Taxi. So enjoy your with the taxi service that is the greatest on the planet.

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