Welcome to the new United Cabbies Group website.

We hope that members find the page informative and a good contact point and we also hope to promote our trade, via the website, to the general public, with articles on our trade and being a London cabbie, what our job entails the highs and lows, so they might get a better understanding of what our trade is and why it means so much to us.

From a UCG point of view, since we joined the committee in 2014, we have been working hard to represent members and the trade as a whole, on various issues. Everything from Uber to bus lanes.

Of course, the greatest challenge our trade has faced has been technology via E hailing apps. It affected other industries of course, music, shopping, printing but in case it infringed on laws that were in place to protect our livelihoods.  Even if Uber lose the upcoming appeal we must have E hailing legislation set to ensure this does not happen again.

The old has grown and we all dreamed of a democratic org, which we have achieved. Voting for places on the committee takes place once a year and members also vote on vital trade issues. Both votes are taken via email.

It is up to us to secure our trades future. My grandfather was a cabbie, my two boys are now London cabbies, a family line I’m sure many of you have. Let’s make sure the next generation has the opportunity to join the trade too.

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